Why Musgrave

Musgrave Graduate ProgrammeOur graduate programme is about giving you the experience that will give you the skills and knowledge you need to fast track your career. Can we do that? Not a problem. Over two years (more in some cases) you’ll work with us in a way that is designed to stretch you to reach your full potential in a modern business like ours.

In that time, you will develop personal and technical skills, meet people who will form a valuable part of your future network and develop invaluable business and commercial knowhow. And, given that we’re a successful growing organisation, you might discover that we’re so well suited to each other that you’ll find a long term career with us. The possibility is yours to take advantage of – if you’ve got the qualities we’re looking for.

Prove to us that you’re ambitious. Show us what dedication means. Put the effort in that demonstrates you can work hard. Talk is cheap, and we’re looking for something priceless - the ability to stick at it and achieve results. Do that, and you’ll find opportunities open up to you.

Our graduate programme could just be the start of a longer journey. One in which you’ll continue to meet challenges, and receive our support as you carve out the future you desire. Positions are available in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and London, to applicants with a full work permit for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Register with us and fill in the online form, and we’ll take it from there.

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